Fluorescent Light Covers

Fluorescent lighting is common is so many classrooms across our country as it is supposed to keep our students awake, alert and attentive. But, does it cause our students to be overly alert and attentive? Does it cause anxiety and headaches?

Fluorescent lights can flicker, cause glare and strain the eyes. Especially in a classroom with no other light source, such as windows with natural light. My classroom has natural light, but unfortunately I cannot leave the blinds open as our classroom faces an apartment building. Cats, dogs and people in the windows can become an unwelcome distraction. I experimented with light covers which filter out the glaring light from the fluorescents, leaving a warm, comfortable light. I also invested in full-spectrum lightbulbs which are said to mimic natural sunlight and create significantly more lumens than a traditional lightbulb.

These light covers, made by Poshpeanut (click here for an Amazon link)  come in a set of 4 (48″ x 24′) and they fit perfectly over standard 48″ x 24″ ceiling light fixtures. They have magnets sewn into the seams for easy installation. They are made of flame-retardant polyester for safety and include a fire certificate if your county or district requires it.

Fluorescent lights
Fluorescent lights with filters